Become a Resident Caretaker

NOTE:  As of right now, we do not currently have any open positions.  If you are interested in being on our contact list for when a position is available, please email us at

The Meadows Foundation is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1977 to save one historic Dutch site: the Van Duyn-Van Wickle House.  It has since grown to four historic homes, each with its own resident caretaker’s quarters.  Located in the Somerset section of Franklin Township, these homes, which were built from 1720  to 1875, are all listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.  Their styles vary from Dutch Frame to Victorian, Italianate, to Gothic.  Each historic house has its own distinctive history, and is open to the public for special events throughout the year. Of course, the private quarters are not open to the public.

This is a unique employment opportunity befitting very special people.  It isn’t for everyone – maintaining historic properties requires careful attention and hard work.  Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and applicants must pass financial and criminal background checks and be interviewed by the Board of Directors.  If you enjoy history and are handy at dealing with the problems encountered in an historic site, this might be an opportunity for you to put the “Care” in Caretaker.  Each resident caretaker must look upon their charge as they would their own property, while working under the direction of the Board of Directors.  These historic homes are an irreplaceable part our national heritage.  By taking up employment in an historic house, you become a part of its history. As resident caretaker you would become one of the Meadows Foundation’s ambassadors to the public.

For more information about working with one of these historic properties, please contact us.