Franklin Township Preservation

Did you know that 34% of our township is preserved and will never be developed? Our rural areas, our open spaces, our farms, our parklands and our historic structures all play an important part in improving the quality of our lives. The preservation signs erected around the township help us know how the various parts of our landscape are preserved. These are the various preservation signs that dot our landscape:


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Historic preservation is a permitted use of the Open Space Trust Fund. Accordingly, when the township spends trust funds on historic preservation, appropriate signs are erected. Many historic buildings are preserved–including those of the Meadows Foundation. Log onto for more information on Franklin Township’s preservation efforts.


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Trails totaling more than 50 miles crisscross our township. The township installs trail signs wherever trails intersect roads. For maps of trails, log onto and


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The township has preserved more than 2,225 acres of open space. These lands are now owned by the township and many host extensive trail systems (see trails, above.), or log onto


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Combining many sources of funding is always the best way of funding farmland preservation. When taken together, the township, the county and the state have preserved over 1,141 acres of farmland in the township. These lands remain owned by the farmers, but because a farmland preservation/development easement has been sold, these farms can never be developed. Log onto


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Franklin Township has more miles of hiking, biking and equestrian towpath-trail, and more miles of kayaking and canoeing, than any other municipality bordering the canal. Over 20, of the more than 60 miles of the historic Delaware & Raritan Canal and its towpath, are right here in Franklin Township. Log onto


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Somerset County voters have consistently supported funding county open space taxes–resulting in the preservation of over 17,400 acres of throughout the county. Franklin Township has benefited directly from this because the county has assisted in funding the preservation of over 2,000 acres right here in our township. Log onto


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Green Acres is the division of our state government that oversees state funding of many open space and parkland projects. Log onto

To see all the links in this article and to view a map of all preserved land in our township, log onto